In reponse to the recent media attention

I have been a tetraplegic since my neck was broken in a traffic accident almost 26 years ago. With a background in the History and Methodology of Science, I am acutely aware of the fact that what were yesterday's impossibilities are quite often tomorrow's commonplaces. Nevertheless, I live for this sort of news, not just [...]

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Breakthrough research January 2018

Associate Professor Paul Wrigley from the the University of Sydney, Professor Philip Siddall from Hammond Care and myself have found surviving sensory nerve connections in areas of no sensation in half of people living with complete thoracic spinal cord injuries. Our breakthrough study used cutting edge functional MRI (fMRI) technology to record neural response to [...]

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Explaining Dr Gustin’s work

Unlocking The Reasons for Chronic Pain We have all experienced pain at some stage in our lives and anticipate pain as a consequence of injury. Despite this anticipation though we expect that with healing and time, pain will resolve. However, acute pain can persist for many months or years, becoming chronic in its nature; a [...]

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